Jerome Mandel

Jerome Mandel won first-place in the P.E.N.-UNESCO International Short Story Competition for 1997 with ‘Third Time, Ice Cream.’  His stories have appeared in The Missouri Review; Other Voices, Short Story International; War, Literature, and the Arts; The Morpo Review; A Writer’s Choice Literary Journal; PEN-International; PEN-Israel; arc–The Journal of the Israel Association of Writers in English; Galaxy; Eternity; Kibbutz Trends, Ilanot Review, and Nativ (in Hebrew).

The Israel Federation of Writers Unions published his first collection of short stories, Nothing Gold Can Stay: 18 Stories of Israeli Experience, in 1999. His second book of short stories, Covet the Oven: 20 short stories of the head, the heart, and writing was published in softcover and kindle versions by amazon in 2013. Both books are available on

In his academic life, Jerome Mandel, now Professor Emeritus, was sometime Chair of the English Department at Tel Aviv University. He has published four books on medieval English literature, thirty scholarly articles, and has given over fifty public lectures and fiction readings on four continents.

Jerome Mandel immigrated to Israel from the United States in 1978 and returned to live in Brevard, North Carolina in 2015.  His website — — contains more than anyone will ever want to know about his lives as a scholar and creative writer.  Some of his more accessible scholarly writings (on Shakespeare, James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, A. E. Housman, and F.Scott Fitzgerald) and several of his short stories (under ‘Short Story Collections’) can be read on line at that website.  With the advice and consent of the Appalachian Round Table, he is presently at work on a novel titled Death Benefits.

Published Stories

  • “A man, who did not want to leave his memory.” arc 1 (1983): 38-45.
  • “The Orange.” arc 3 (1985): 3-9.  Reprinted in Short Story International (October, 1991).
  • “Brown-out.” Short Story International No. 94 (Summer, 1992)
  • “Present.” Midstream (accepted for publication).
  • “Stone.” arc 8 (1993).
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  • “The Rules We Live By.”  The Morpo Review (1994).
  • “Mothers.” War, Literature, and the Arts 7.1 (Spring/Summer, 1995): 15-17.  Reprinted as “To Another Country” in arc 12, 1997.
  • Third Time, Ice-Cream”  Nativ (in Hebrew: “נתיב , “פעם שלישית, גלידה), May, 1995.  [This story won first place in the P.E.N.-UNESCO International Short Fiction Competition, 1997, and was published in PEN International, October, 1997, and in PEN Israel, 1997.]
  • “Another Life.”  The Missouri Review, XIX.3 (December 1996).
  • “Sunshine Pharmacy.”  arc 13 (1999).  Reprinted in Kibbutz Trends (September, 1999) and Other Voices (University of Illinois at Chicago), Spring, 2000.
  • “The Orange.”  Accepted by Rav-Kol (In Hebrew: “התפוז”).
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