Frank Robinson

Frank Robinson resides in Brevard and writes crime genre novels with gritty characters and nefarious deeds.  His Thirty Days Hath September was published in 2012 to excellent reviews and is available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local bookstore.

Thirty Days Hath September by [Robinson II, Frank B.]This hard-hitting thriller/mystery about missing and dead girls is a winner.  The parts are all here: osteopathic kidnappers/killers, a tough, hard-to-kill, no-nonsense hero, the equally tough, alluring reporter heroine, corrupt small-town law enforcement, and even a big, savvy, rescued dog.  Set in North Carolina and Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the story runs with multiple threads of revenge, new and old murders, cover ups, and romance, culminating in blazing gun fights.  The author writes with great pacing and a skilled description of scene that perfectly suits the somber action.  He keeps the reader guessing about what will happen and what occurred in the past to account for current events.  You are in for a treat with this satisfying visit to some dark corners.