Justi the Gifted

Justi cover finalA gift from a god can be good.  But what if it is damaged?

This epic fantasy novel for readers of all ages brings together the ingredients of the genre: a hero and heroine,  enchanted animals, nasty bad guys, seers, and magic.  Themes of the theological, coming-of-age, and romance permeate the tale.

As invading barbarians bring slavery and human sacrifice to the Kingdom of the Zell, the old god Li decides to modify his creation and confers the Sense of Justice on a peasant boy of Ortun.  But Justi does not get the whole gift, for the god Dar sunders the blessing and leaves Justi with a wild killing power, a lethal flame he can’t control.

Prophecy foretells that the children of the gift must meet.  Is it by chance, then, that Justi is driven to Mercerio?  This girl his own age, secret heir to the throne, is also gifted.  Her mercy talent tempers the angry flame within him, at least while they are near.  But enchanted animals, attempted assassinations, uncertain seers, battles, and a kidnapping keep them distant.

An even greater barrier—a seduction—blocks their union.  When Justi reluctantly uses his power to rescue Mercerio, the price is steep—the very thing he has always feared happens.  He kills an innocent.  Shocked, Justi finds his future and his love in doubt.

Justi the Gifted, a 6×9 trade paperback, is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel:

zell-update“A fun, quick read.  Justi the Gifted leaves you wanting more.” – L.B. Tillitt, award-winning author of the Gravel Road series

“From the start, the reader is pulled into this Tolkinesque tale ….  The writing sets a pace that makes the book hard to put down.” – Robert Ryland, author of The Little Rock Messenger and Dream Traveler

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