Bob Brooks

RRB front smallRobert R. Brooks, a native of New Jersey, writes fiction short stories and novels as R.R. Brooks in the fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery genres.  Several schools, including the school of experience and The Great Smokies Writing Program of the University of North Carolina, have trained Bob.  The short story “Soul Snatch,” an honorable mention in a Writers Digest competition, has been published along with other science fiction and fantasy pieces.  One of his two plays, a historical piece on a white squirrel invasion, has been staged.  Bob’s writing life involves active membership in both the Blue Ridge Writers Group and the Appalachian Round Table critique groups, past service as a judge for the Brevard Little Theater Annual Play Competition, judging for the Eric M. Hoffer Award for self-published and small press books, and founding member of the Brevard Authors Guild.  Bob maintains author pages on Facebook, Amazon, and Goodreads.

Now retired, he balances writing with reading, golf, bridge, and the arts.  He continues to write short stories and novels.  His heroic fantasy novel Justi the Gifted (see synopsis) was published in 2015 by Leo Publishing .   A science fiction-thriller novel Clean Copy is being revised.  The mystery with a paranormal and psychological-twist, The Clown Forest Murders, co-authored with A.C. Brooks has been accepted for publication by Black Opal Books and will appear in 2017 or early 2018.  A sequel to Justi the Gifted is in the works.

As Tom Clancy says, “The difference between fiction and reality?  Fiction has to make sense.”

  • Shorts
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